Optimize Your Business For Mobile Devices


Remember the days when huge clunky computers ruled the world (and were actually really expensive for what they offered)? Well those days are gone. Most people have long gone mobile, reports Forbes, and with them, traditional marketing methods.

Read on to find out how you can optimize your business for the mobile web.

Responsive Web Design

With so many people accessing the Web from their phones, it is important that your users get a similar experience across all devices. In simple terms, responsive web design optimizes sites to scale across multiple devices, such as your laptop, tablet, or cell phone. This is beneficial for your business because you won’t have to worry about creating separate mobile sites. Though there may be more up-front work, it ends up being a more user-friendly and it also provides a more ‘mobile-friendly’ experience for the user.

Utilizing Social Media

Millions of people use social media every day. That’s why it’s a perfect tool to utilize for your business’s marketing needs. Keeping tabs on who’s talking about your business is a great way to determine which social media sites you should be on. Services like Mention.com and Knowem.com allow you to find out where your business is being mentioned so you can cater to your demographic.

From there, setting up a business profile on all applicable social networking sites is crucial. The more legitimate users you have liking or following your page and interacting with your business, the better reach you’ll have on social networks. If you run a web-based business, it may not make sense to set up an account on Yelp, but if you run a restaurant, customer reviews on Yelp can end up being one of your biggest allies.

However, it doesn’t end there. If you want more people visit you, offer incentives for liking and checking in to your business on Facebook, Foursquare or Yelp. Incentives can include coupons for a service, or a discount off the regular price for first time customers. Your customers will surely appreciate this and this will keep them coming back for more, especially if you offer them a good experience.

Create A Mobile App

The ultimate way to claim your space in someone’s phone is to create your own app. There are plenty of ways to develop a useful app to help your customers. If you run a car insurance company, you can develop an app that allows your customer to carry his or her insurance card on their phone. If you own a restaurant, you can create a convenient app for your customers to view your menu or receive special mobile-only coupons. The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to include all potential customers. Even though the iOS app store is the most popular, don’t forget the Google Play stores for Android phones and Blackberry World for Blackberry phones. New BlackBerry phones, such as the BlackBerry Z10, are now available from carries like T-Mobile and others and are in league with iPhones and Android phones. They have bigger screens and, with the expansion of BlackBerry World for apps, it is a demographic you don’t want to leave out.

Crafting your website to be more responsive and scalable, utilizing social media to its fullest extent, and creating mobile apps for your customers aren’t the only things you can do to cater to the mobile demographic. You could incorporate QR codes for your customers to scan in-store for special offers, or even text message special deals to your customers.

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