The first Nbkitec sales executives received their training on the 25th of February, 2016. The prime objective for Nbkitec Solutions is “making IT a solution and not a problem to businesses”. The training program began at 10am with five (5) newly recruited sales executives.

2016-02-25 10.56.58-2The training began with first resource person in the person of Mr. Ronald Oppong who explained the rationale for selling. He touched on the need to; educate trainees about the stand of Nbkitec Solutions as IT Company, equip trainees with marketing skills and techniques to sell Digital (IT) Solutions, acquaint them with mechanisms of closing business deals with less traditional expenditures. E.g., less spending on especially transport in chasing clients.

He gave some notable points on how to sell which included;

Knowing your product /services, searching for clients/prospecting, making an approach, assessing needs, presenting your solution, securing a commitment and carrying out follow ups to name a few.He at the end of his session encouraged all trainees to put in their best. He also encouraged trainees to explore all available options and create opportunities out of them.

2016-02-27 06.43.16-5The second session was led by Mr. David Ofori Atta on how to use the internet in their newly acquired job field. He emphasized on how to equip trainees with the secrets of using technology (internet) to perform most of their assigned job description. It was understood that the trainees were not limited in anyway and were to use the internet to their best since it had a lot to offer. He stressed that not all clients would be IT inclined hence to make the most impact trainees should endeavor to get to know their product and to own the portfolio as though it is theirs so they could explain it as and when its was demanded of them.

The final session was by Mr. Ebenezer Oppong who gave in depth knowledge about the IT solution to be marketed and its contents. His session included what to look for in a potential client and identify the problem that the IT solution could solve for them. How to explain to potential clients how the solutions could help their businesses and the incentives attached with acquiring Nbkitec Solutions.

All were encouraged to put in their possible best to the success of Nbkitec Solutions and themselves as individuals.


Enjoy Picture Shots Captured During Training Sessions

Time with Mr. David Ofori-Atta
Time with Mr. David Ofori-Atta
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